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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hakka Abacus Beads

Hakka Abacus Beads (from Local Favourites by Bong Hiong Hwa)

300g steamed yam
150g tapioca flour
60ml boiling water

5 pieces shallots, minced
2 tsp garlic, minced
80g dried shrimps, soaked
30g dried cuttlefish, shredded
40g dried mushrooms, soaked, shredded
40g dried black fungus, soaked, shredded
150g pork, shredded
50g leek, shredded
some chinese parsley, cut into finger lengths

some shredded chilli for garnishing
some fried shallots

1 tsp salt
2 tsp pepper
2 tsp fish sauce

Abacus Beads

1. Add tapioca flour to the steamed yam and mix till smooth

2. Add boiling water and mix into a smooth dough.

3. Remove and divide the dough into small pieces and shape them into abacus beads, remember must cover them after making the abacus beads, then it will not break up cos of dryness in the air.

4. Bring a pot of water to boil. When water is boiling, put in the abacus beads and let it boil, till it float to the top.

5. Remove and soak in cold water, set aside.

1. Heat wok and add 3 tbsp of oil. Stir fry shallot and garlic till fragrant.

2. Add dried shrimps, dried cuttlefish, mushrooms, black fungus, stir fry until fragrant, Add pork, leek and seasoning, stir and mix well.

3. Lastly, add the abacus beads along with the chinese parsley and stir well.

4. Dish out and garnish with shredded chilli and fried shallots.


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